Mayo Clinic Food Services reducing waste, giving back to canines and community

April 22, 2021

Mayo Clinic Food Services is promoting the “Waste Not Wag A Lot” program, which uses scraps discarded from food during the production process to make dog biscuits. This reduces food waste and provides a treat for furry canine friends.

As part of this program, employees can purchase dog treats in  Mayo Clinic Food Services locations to take home to pets, or donate them to  local humane societies.

Dog treats are bagged: $5 for a large bag and $3 for a small bag. To purchase treats for donation, grab one of the “Paw It Forward” donation coupons off the display table in the Mayo Clinic Food Services location to scan and pay $2 for the donation with a cashier. Mayo Clinic Food Services will make and deliver donated treats to the humane society weekly.