Meet Emily Stulen: Mayo Clinic Community Giving Campaign Advocate

November 17, 2020

 Community Giving advocates are the heart of our annual employee Community Giving Campaign. They continue to creatively think of ways to promote the Community Giving Campaign and reasons why people should give back to our communities. Emily Stulen, a Revenue Analyst II in Audits & Appeals at Mayo Clinic and a Community Giving Advocate, says, “I chose to be an advocate because community involvement and neighbors helping neighbors has always been important to me, and now more than ever there is a need for encouragement and ‘coming together,’ albeit in a less conventional way. I believe and have seen that work units with an advocate have greater success and participation, and I want to do my part in giving back to those around me.”

The Community Giving Campaign is a wonderful way for Mayo employees to easily and securely give to any charity or cause they’re passionate about. Studies have shown that giving to others with no expectation of return increases happiness, lifts moods and spreads joy.

Each year, thousands of Mayo Clinic employees, retirees and volunteers give over 1 million dollars to support their local communities. This year, with the pandemic, advocates like Emily have been especially creative.

Over 300 Mayo Clinic employees serve as advocates in 2020.  Thank you.