Santa’s Visit to Rochester Saved by Mayo One

November 16, 2020

To get ready for his busy season, Santa Claus recently visited Rochester for his yearly health check-up at Mayo Clinic. (Santa gave us permission to report he is fine but his doctor advised him to slow down on the cookies and hot chocolate.)

However….. he ran into a snag and left the Newscenter this note:

My quick visit to Rochester has run amuck.

My reindeer have fled, and now I am stuck.

Could you help me track down his crew?

Each day they’ve promised to leave a clue!

Solve riddles to find out where they’re all hid– And soon you’ll be saving the holidays, kid!

I know tracking deer is no easy feat; you’ll be surely rewarded with stickers and treats!

So grab your mask and sharpen up quick as we embark on Twelve Days of Magic!

Twelve Days of Magic is an effort by the Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA), Mayo Clinic and the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce to promote a safe downtown experience at local businesses and public places.   Each day, November 16-27, Santa will visit some of his favorite downtown places to shop, play, and eat and leave a clue along the way.

This is an adaption of the traditional holiday activities held downtown. To learn more visit the RDA website:

To see Mayo One to the rescue: