Generations of Mayo Clinic Volunteers Helping One Another

August 23, 2018

To meet The Joint Commission requirements, volunteers complete training on an annual basis. With volunteers ranging in age from 14 to 100, everyone’s comfort level with computers and technology is different. To help ensure everyone is successful, on-site computer lab sessions are offered to assist volunteers who may have some physical challenges or prefer having technical assistance navigating the online modules.

Mayo Clinic Young Volunteers saw this as an opportunity to give back within their own program. Since 2012, Young Volunteers have assisted adult volunteers who prefer to do their online training on campus. This is an excellent opportunity for generations of volunteers to get acquainted and interact with one another.

Helen Li, a Young Volunteer said, “People with all kinds of needs come to these sessions. We sometimes forget the generations before us did not have what we take for granted today. Some might need assistance with the mouse or others need help navigating the training modules. I am glad I was there to help. This, like everything I do as a volunteer at Mayo Clinic, is a rewarding experience.”

Marie Aaberg, Mayo Clinic volunteer manager, said, “At one of the computer lab sessions, an elderly gentleman completed his training and then asked the Young Volunteer who was assisting him if he wanted to know the occupation he had earlier in his adult life. He told the Young Volunteer he was a commander of a submarine in World War II. Quite an interesting dialogue resulted with other Young Volunteers who were gathered around to hear his experiences as a submarine commander. It was a wonderful example of how we can all learn from one another. This unique approach helps shape every generation of Mayo Clinic volunteers and provides a learning opportunity beyond the volunteer training modules.”