Mayo Clinic Florida Campus Lighting Program

Mayo Clinic’s campus in Jacksonville, FL is a local landmark visited by thousands of people each year. The entrance monument is one of Mayo Clinic’s most prominent and recognizable architectural features and is beautifully illuminated each night. It highlights the Mayo Clinic three-shield mission of Patient Care, Education and Research. With increasing frequency, disease-specific nonprofit organizations have requested Mayo Clinic heighten awareness of their cause. In the past, other requests have included commemorating those lost in terror attacks, the loss of Mayo Clinic staff and certain holidays.

Non-profit health and wellness related organizations have the opportunity to request that the entrance monument be lit a specific color to heighten awareness of their cause.

Purpose & Objectives

Guidelines for the lighting of the Florida Campus entrance monument have been established to ensure fairness, transparency, and consistency with Mayo’s strategic mission. Decisions are based upon adherence to the following objectives:

  1. Further Mayo Clinic’s mission by enhancing public awareness of medical conditions and diseases
  2. Reinforce Mayo Clinic’s dedication to those who serve in United States Military
  3. Acknowledge official public days of mourning