Mayo Clinic EverybodyIN Fund for Change Grant Awards

Mayo Clinic has a long history of supporting organizations working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. In 2020, employees of Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System demonstrated their own passion for this work by making financial contributions to the EverybodyIN Fund for Change. Commitments made between August 5 and September 5 were matched by funds from Mayo Clinic, resulting in a commitment of $200,000 to be awarded via Fund for Change grants. These grants are intended to support nonprofit organizations working to fight racism and advance equity, diversity and inclusion.

Fund for Change grants will be distributed across the communities served by Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System. Each of the three Mayo Clinic destination sites and four Mayo Clinic Health System regions will award funds, with the amount based on the number of staff who work there.

Request for Proposals

We invite proposals that will benefit racial and ethnic minority groups and the communities in which they live. Applicants should consider how their efforts will contribute to eliminating racism, promoting social justice, increasing diversity, and advancing equity and inclusion for diverse members of our communities.


  1. Recipients – Funds will be awarded only to nonprofit organizations.
  2. Beneficiaries – Proposals must benefit racial and ethnic minority groups and the communities in which they live.
  3. Scope – Proposals should benefit a significant number of people relative to the size of the request. Proposals on behalf of individuals will not be considered.
  4. Use – Funds may support programs, equipment or capital expenses. The proposed program, purchase or capital project must commence within 12 months of receipt of the funds.
  5. Funding Limitations – Only one grant will be awarded per organization/TIN. We anticipate that each Mayo site/region will award multiple grants.
  6. Timeline – Applications will be accepted until midnight on November 29, 2020. Only electronic submissions will be considered. Funds for approved grants will be disbursed in early 2021.
  7. Geographic Area – Proposals must benefit racially and ethnically diverse people in communities served by Mayo Clinic or Mayo Clinic Health System. Applicants should submit their proposals to the Mayo Clinic site or Mayo Clinic Health System region serving the community that will benefit from the proposal.

Additional Information

  1. The number and value of grants to be awarded will be determined after a thorough review of proposals received through November 29, 2020.
  2. Not all proposals will be funded. Some may receive partial funding.