Mayo Clinic Rochester Shared Value Award

Health is shaped by community. Efforts to improve health in our communities require cross-sector collaboration (businesses, non-profits, government, citizen advocacy groups), where many perspectives, strengths and resources come together to address complex challenges, such as poverty, homelessness, mental health, obesity, diabetes and disease prevention. As Mayo Clinic founder, Dr. William Worrall Mayo, stated describing the broad expertise needed to best serve the interests of each patient: “a union of forces is necessary.”

The Mayo Clinic Shared Value Award supports a new or existing collaborative effort to address a complex social challenge impacting health and vibrancy in Olmsted County, MN.


The Shared Value Award will be granted annually and provides up to $30,000 for a collaborative project that represents a partnership of three or more organizations and meets the following criteria:

  1. Directly or indirectly helps to address an Olmsted County Minnesota Community Health Needs Assessment priority (mental health, obesity, injury prevention, financial stress, and vaccine-preventable diseases) (mental health, obesity, type-2 diabetes, homelessness/poverty, and vaccine-preventable diseases)
  2. Includes at least one tax-exempt organization to serve as the fiscal agent
  3. Increases the community’s capacity to improve health and vibrancy in Olmsted County, MN
  4. Uses shared goals, definitions and measurements to guide efforts and assess outcomes

Ideal projects will include collaborations of the non-profit, government and business sectors of our community. The awarded project will receive one check (for up to $30,000) and be required to report on progress/impacts at six months (by February 28 of the year after the grant is awarded), and at the end of one year (November 30 the following year after the grant is awarded). Projects that demonstrate shared value (for organizations and the wider community) and continue beyond one year are eligible to re-apply in subsequent years.

This Year's Winner: Mental Health First Aid

The 2017 winner for the Rochester Shared Value Award is Mental Health First Aid. The participants are Family Service Rochester, National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southeast MN, Rochester Public Schools, Rochester Area PTSA.

In Olmsted County alone, over 16% of the population’s total adults ages 18 and over suffer from depression. Mental health can affect people in many different ways and it is often not talked about in our society. Mental Health First Aid trains individuals in the community to recognize signs of mental illness and connect people with helpful resources before it worsens to a crisis. A goal of MHFA is to help eliminate the stigma of mental illness and empower community members to take appropriate action.